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About Us

Rigarts Animation started in 2012 from an idea and a willingness to innovate in animation industries. We are commited to providing the best, we do not just help you develop an idea, but we were able to make it happen.

What We Do

We provide animation & Multimedia services for local and international market to generate high quality 3d animations.

Our Process

Creativity is inventing, Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes and Having Fun.



Brainstorm is a process when one person or a group of people meet and generating new ideas, In animation, brainstorming is a process to crate a story and designing character. Brainstorming in creative industries can be done with client to get a fixed idea that client desired.


The Phase of further developing ideas into a three more advance stage. First step is Pre-production, second is Production, and the third is Post-Production, Those three process are transforming the raw idea into an animation movie.

Show Off

Shows the results of our hard work, and give satisfaction to the clients or audience

Our Services

We are capable of transforming any of your ideas into reality. We can create a character animation, mascot or logo to be designed and brought to "life".

Rigarts providing digital production services for films, commercial, games asset and many more. Our pipeline includes the creation of concept art, illustration, storyboarding, matte painting, 3d modelling and texturing, rigging, 3d animatics, keyframe and motion capture.

Some of our works

We are passionate young people who works in animation since the beginning, and knowing how fun it is to make animation.

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